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Physical Test Results

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HammerTemperature / Impact Tests:

The mats are extremely impact resistant across a temperature range from -10° to 50° Celcius.

The safefloor mats were impacted with a cylindrical 9 kg steel weight with the following results:

At Temperature From Height Results
-10° Celcius 1.0m No Damage
1.5m No Damage
2.0m No Damage
(Room Temperature)
1.0m No Damage
1.5m No Damage
2.0m Fully Recovered
50° Celcius 1.0m No Damage
1.5m No Damage
2.0m Slight Damage

LightningConductive Test:

The safefloor mats were found to be non-conductive for all industrial, commercial and household purposes.

compressedCompression Test:

The safefloor mats withstand the parking of a 2.6 Ton vehicle for a period of 3 days and take a short-term load of a 5 Ton vehicle being driven over them.

Physical and Electrical Tests for Rubaloy Safefloor carried out by:
Institute for Polymer Science
University of Stellenbosch
PO Box 3202
South Africa

South African Flag

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