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Rubaloy Safefloor

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Safefloor tiles:

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  • Manufactured from an amazingly strong thermoplastic rubber compound registered as Rubaloy
  • Designed to absorb high impact and to protect falling articles
  • Easy to clean with outstanding resistance to fat, oil and many chemicals
  • Non-conductive and relatively free from static electricity
  • Stable under a temperature range from -30° to +50° Celsius
  • Provide multi-directional drainage
  • Provide non-slip flooring, minimising injuries
  • Provide maximum comfort that reduces foot and leg fatigue
  • Combine strength and flexibility for exceptionally long lasting wear
  • Come with Manufacturers standard five year warranty
  • Can be fitted with Transition Ramps that easily fit to the Safefloor Tiles


Safefloor Mats

480mm x 480mm x 20mm

Transition Ramps

480mm x 180mm x 20mm

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click mouse to see a new picture  double click to see original Safefloor tiles are simple to install, each tile easily fastens to the next with a tongue and groove interlocking system. They can also be screwed together to form a unit.

Safefloor tiles provide a safe, non-slip, protective floor covering that is equally effective in wet and dry areas.

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